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premium commercial and Medical
refrigeration services

Lubanza has been at the forefront of refrigeration technology for over 18 years specializing in the maintenance and management of large ICM volumes with specialized systems, processes and people.

Lubanza has a highly flexible business structure which makes us an invaluable strategic partner to suit your business needs, changing market trends and requirements.

Our ability to service and monitor ICMs over its entire life cycle makes Lubanza the outsource solution of choice to maintain and manage your ICM base.

We offer a comprehensive outsource solution in order for you to concentrate on your core business Lubanza aims to employ only the best staff to ensure we adhere to the excellent service levels our customers have come to expect.


our Mission & Vision

“Our MISSION is to be the leading independent and specialized Tanzanian company in cooler management throughout the country by attaining our core values in order to minimize cost to our customers and maximize their profit.”

Our VISION is to prioritize and deliver the best on commercial cooler management in Tanzania

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